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Services – BizWay

We have a large network of tested suppliers and partners in many fields. Before working with a new supplier we conduct an audit to screen company, anagement, product portfolio and business track.
We work with many countries worldwide with focus on P.R.C., Vietnam, India, Europe.

Would you like to develop a new design, refresh a product, new product idea, a new brand, logo or new packaging? We can do it for you: our talented team in Asia or Europe will develop the right blend you need and the market positioning you want for your project.

Now you have the product but you would like to create a line of products and a merchandising concept to help increase sales?
If you are interested in developing your project also with the appropriate marketing mix, we will be happy to discuss in depth any detail.

We offer our consulting services, to help your business grow. Do you have an idea you would like to market? Would you like to sell your products in a new market? Thought about certifying your product or a new patent? We will discuss all these details on a private and personal basis.

Quality is a crucial step in all our projects, to ensure their success and continuity. We audit and inspect all our partners several times a year, to select only the most reliable sources.
Product testing is executed for every production, checking all details of product, packaging, etc.
We work with international testing laboratories that carry out the most complicated test, to comply with international standards and directives.

Through our network of professionals, we can help you to sell your products either in Eu, Asia and USA. Searching for partners, distributors or agents.

Be our agent

We are always looking for agents in all categories and all countries.
Please write to sales@bizway.eu for more information.